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Cricket Conversations | Nighttime Ambience | 10 Hours | Nature Sleep Sounds

Just some low key cricket sounds. Ambient night sounds for stress relief, relaxation, focus, meditation, yoga, studying, sleep, or drowning out distractions. If the background noises bother you, try turning the volume down until you barely hear anything besides crickets. The volume is rendered high so that it can be heard on all devices. You’ll need to adjust the volume for the best experience on your device! Trying to remove those sounds would decrease the sound quality, and I love this recording too much to destroy the natural sound by over editing.

How it was made:

For the foreground trees, I took a picture of the sky in my back yard with trees in the foreground. I removed the sky, cleaned up the trees, and made them dark. The clouds were also pictures I took. I removed the clouds from the sky background and cleaned them up to look good against a dark background. The moon is a picture I took with my phone one morning, and it required a good bit of editing in Photoshop to look nice. The stars were created in Photoshop.

In After Effects, the stars were made to twinkle using the turbulent noise effect. The clouds, moon, and entire scene move slowly around the screen to avoid image burn on screens, and that was all done with key frames for position.

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